Hands down, my favorite place to dine while I’m in Chicago, is Macello’s!  A few blocks west on Lake street is the perfect little modern Italian restaurant. If it’s your first time going you might feel like your looking in the wrong area, but once you see the brightly painted giant  “balloon” out front you know you’ve found the right place. The second you walk through the door they have a deli in front of house stocked with fresh olives, pasta salads, and an array of meats and cheeses. Stepping into the second room the high ceilings continue but open up to an impressive skylight that gives just the right feel with more colorful lighted balloons hanging in the rafters. In the center stands a tall brick oven where they prepare most of the meals and to the right is a long bar where they hand craft a cocktails, but just to the left is a wall filled with a great selection of wine! It’s hard to say what my favorite dish could be, everything has been better than the last. The chef’s recommendations have always been worth while, but make sure to save room for dessert! Oh and a shot of the lemon-cello!



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