Fairy God Mother

I know sometimes I walk through my life pretending I’m in a movie, but last weekend I really had to pinch myself! Minding my own business, I took a stroll with a friend through the south loop to the nearest gas station and as I was about to walk back towards the register the doors whooshed open and a woman in an olive brown cape coat walked in. The doors parting and the wind blowing in from outside made her entrance subtle but grand, she seemed to carry some kind of magic about her. I approached her to compliment her on her coat and perhaps pry a little to get a glimpse of the holiday dress that I suspected to be underneath.

She smiled wildly and with great eagerness agreed to share her prized find and unfastened the top button. When the top of the coat folded back from no longer being closed up, it dropped down reveling the first glimpse of the marvelous embroidered black and white sequin beaded dress that literally took my breath away.

She added only just what was needed with dark iridescent diamond drop earrings to play off of the darker sequins on the dress and hair pulled back into a simple classic up-do, really left it all to the dress to make the statement and keep all eyes on her! A true thrift store gem find!


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