Bang Bang


In case you didn’t get the memo, I would just like to resurface this wonderful gem who is, Lawrence Taylor. Attending South by South West is a wonderful experience for anyone, but to be able to showcase in front of people and give their ears a fresh, rich, and soulfully addictive sound is uncommon.



A day before I fly to Austin & I’m listening to a playlist: 2016 Artists to check out during SX. The song changed and this new sound came pouring through my speakers, I quickly jumped from packing and ran to the computer to find the name that matched the voice I heard. One of the reasons SXSW continues to be amazing is because one can actively be looking for new artists and make it a reality to stand in the presence of and experience that incredible talent! This made Lawrence Taylor easily the most memorable experience this year. When the clock struck midnight I found myself inside St. David’s Bethell Hall sitting at the end of a pew. When he took stage with just his pearl white guitar and sang into the mic his voice  drowned out every inch of space inside the perfectly acoustic sanctuary. The small, intimate but captivating show brought high hopes that it would never end. I only became more connected to the sound, the words, all of it left me wanting more.

[Flash Forward]

Now when I hit play,  I listen to his music (with speakers never loud enough to really do justice of a memory) but it takes me back, to standing in a church that smelled a like dust and old wood, with my ears pulsing to the beat and my soul riding along the chords of the slow waves of guitar.  Isn’t the only time traveling done through music?

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