Wild Idyllwild Weekend

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What do friends do when they unexpectedly have the same free time coming up?!

A mini road trip DUH!

Quiet and beautiful scenery awaits in Idyllwild, just a short drive outside of LA.

Scoring the actual cutest campsite on Airbnb, it was easy to settle in and start our

adventures on this quaint little town!

After a walk through town (aka the one, long, downhill street) we stopped at FERRO a restaurant recommended to us by other people in town, to split one of the pizzas they were known for. VERY TASTY. It was the perfect snack to jump start our taste buds. We then headed back to camp to dine on our own charcuterie & cheese board we packed to enjoy before heading back out, to explore the few pubs around town.

The next morning, after the BEST sleep of my life, and also one of the darkest, quietest, and coldest middle of the night pee’s in an outhouse I’ve ever experienced, I rolled out of my big fluffy comforter and stepped out into the crisp morning mountain air. Making my way over to the stove burner I made some hot green tea supplied by our wonderful Airbnb host, and enjoyed the view of camp before packing up.

Across the street from camp was a small cafe where we ordered a cinnamon roll french toast, (don’t ask, just trust) to fuel us for the rest of our day. Chatting with our waitress we learned of a cool moderate hike that was on the way back down the mountain. The trail ran along side Strawberry Creek, which was mostly dried up but made fun for exploring between the large rocks and walking in the bed of the river in what would be underwater.

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It all circles back to how we spend our time. Take the time to do the things you want. Surround yourself with good people, make great friends, have big ideas and enjoy living your life! Go go go!!

Adventure Awaits! —>    —>    —>

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